Bermuda Travel Guide

Bermuda is a British owned territory, made up of a group of colorful islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda possesses a combination of Caribbean vibes and British influence. A trip to Bermuda can involve sunbathing on one of their many glorious beaches or participating in some water activities. Sailing is also very common in Bermuda and you’ll see folks setting sail often. 

Girl who wrote the Bermuda Travel Guide laying down on a hammock in the middle of the ocean in Bermuda. The water is blue and the sky is blue with a few clouds.
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Know Before You Go


Bermudian English is the official language of Bermuda.

When to Visit

March and April are the best months to visit Bermuda... during these months, the weather is starting to warm up and there are minimal tourists. Peak tourist season in Bermuda is from May to October … the weather is great during these months but it will be more crowded with tourists. Hurricane season is from June to November in Bermuda and it’s best to avoid it during this time.

Currency & Payment

The official currency of Bermuda is the Bermuda dollar. Both U.S. and Bahamian dollars are accepted in Bermuda. Credit cards are also widely accepted as a form of payment in areas with heavy tourist activity.


Bermuda has a good public transportation system that includes buses, ferries, and taxis to get around the island. You can also rent a scooter or bicycle if you do not want to rely on public transportation. Car rental is not possible in Bermuda.

What to Pack

cHere’s a list of suggested items to pack for Bermuda…in addition to what you’d automatically think to bring. 

  • Sunscreen: The sun is strong in Bermuda so be sure to bring sunscreen with a high SPF. 

  • Power adaptor: Electrical outlets in Bermuda are type A and B… 60 cycles / 120 volts which is compatible with all USA and Canadian devices. If coming from another country, you will need a two-pin flat adapter and a 220-volt converter.

  • Small backpack: If you’d like to go hiking or on an excursion, bring a small backpack.

  • Waterproof bag: Bring a waterproof bag with you for boat rides, etc. 

  • Travel towel: If you’re not staying at a resort then bring a travel towel with you to avoid high rental fees or buying one on the island. 


Here’s a list of some top things to experience in Bermuda:


  1. Marvel at the beauty of Horseshoe Bay Beach: Hidden between boulders of volcanic rock and the main island of Bermuda, the shimmering beach is a sight to see.

  2.  Enjoy the local culture in Hamilton: There are lots of cute shops and restaurants here that capture the essence of the Bermudian spirit. 

  3. Hike the railway trail: This hike is a great way to see the beauty of Bermuda by foot. 

  4. Check out the Crystal & Fantasy Caves: These caves have been around for over 30 million years and provide tons of underground wonders to see. 

  5. Learn about Bermuda’s History in St. George’s: Learn about Bermuda’s history, check out some ancient sites and wander the streets of St. George’s – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

  6. Go to Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse for Tea & Views: Sip some tea and check out one of the grandest views of Bermuda from up above. 

  7. Sunbathe on Elbow Beach: Boasting pink sand and crystal blue water, Elbow beach is a true delight. 

  8. Go Snorkeling: Bermuda is home to many beautiful coral reefs and biodiversity, which can be seen by snorkeling around the island. 

  9. Traverse the Bermuda Botanical Gardens: Enjoy more than 35 acres of beautifully maintained flowers, shrubs, and trees.

  10. Visit the Bermuda Historical Society Museum: Learn a bit about Bermuda’s history here and check out some ancient artifacts from the island.

Fast Facts

Here are some facts about Bermuda that you may have not already known!


  1. Bermuda is internally self-governing British Overseas Territory and archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

  2. The islands of Bermuda are named after Juan de Bermúdez who claimed the islands for Spain in 1503.

  3. Thanks to the lack of freshwater rivers and wells, Bermudian’s harvest rainwater…which is filtered before drinking.

  4. The Bermuda Triangle is thought to be a dangerous part of the world, where supposedly many ships and planes have disappeared in unexplained circumstances.

  5. Bermuda is the shipwreck capital of the world…claiming over 300 destroyed ships in its waters throughout history. 

  6. Contrary to popular belief, Bermuda is not actually in the Caribbean.

  7. There are no foreign restaurant franchises in Bermuda…in fact, they’re illegal. That means no McDonalds, KFC, Papa John’s…etc. 

  8. The alcoholic delight, Dark N Stormy is a national drink in Bermuda. 

  9. Bermuda shorts were named after their popularity in Bermuda. In fact, they’re so popular that they’re considered proper business attire for men!

  10. The onion is celebrated during New Year in Bermuda. When the clock strikes 12, a giant onion drops as Bermudian’s watch. 

Budget Suggestions

Here’s a look at what you might spend on the basics during a trip to Bermuda. Costs may fluctuate based on the time of year that you go. This estimate is based on what it would cost to go to Hamilton, Bermuda. 



Budget Travel


High End



$25 – $85/Night (Hostel or a shared room in an Airbnb)

$100 – $200/Night 

(Airbnb or hotel)

$200 – $500/night (Hotel)

Budget accommodation is rare in Bermuda…most, even the hostels and Airbnb, are on the high end of the range shown.


$10 – $20/meal
(Local Food)

$25 – $75/meal
(average restaurant)

(high-end restaurant)

Food is generally very pricey in Bermuda but you can find local restaurants that are on the lower end of the cost spectrum. 


$2 – $4

$5 – $10
(Cocktails, Wines, etc.)

Presidente’s are a popular domestic beer and cost approx. $2



(public transport)

$5.75/minimum + $1.60/km (public taxi)

Transportation is expensive in Bermuda. Stay in a central location, near public bus lines to avoid having to pay for taxis. Scooter rental is also an option for $35-50/day. 

Explore from Home

Due to COVID-19, it’s not as possible to travel freely. Because of this, I wanted to share some resources for experiencing the country virtually. 


  1. Take a tour of the Bermuda Islands in 4K Video

  2. Learn how to make Bermuda style cod from home