Where to Stay in Lima, Peru: The Best Areas & Accommodations (2023)

Picture of the beach in Lima, Peru from above. Island in the distance, blue ocean, and green plants in the front. Buildings are on the far left hand corner of the picture.

Lima, the capital city of Peru, serves as the initial point of entry for all international flights into the country. Given this, most tourists opt to spend at least a day exploring the city before proceeding to other destinations in Peru. Tourists are drawn to Lima for its vibrant food scene, stunning beaches, lively nightlife, captivating museums, and more. With a staggering population of 9 million people spread across 43 districts, only a handful of them are considered ideal for tourists due to their convenience and safety.

Having lived in Lima part-time for two years, I’ve had the opportunity to reside in each of the major boroughs recommended for tourists. This article aims to provide insight into the best districts for tourists in Lima, Peru, and offers recommendations for some of the best accommodations in the city.

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    The Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Lima

    Lima, Peru, is a sprawling metropolis, making it challenging to decide where to stay if you’ve never visited before. Fortunately, there are three adjacent boroughs that are highly suitable for tourists: Miraflores, Barranco, and San Isidro. Each of these areas is not only safe but also conveniently situated near the key attractions you’ll want to explore during your trip.

    For a visual reference, here’s a map illustrating the prime neighborhoods for lodging in Lima:

    Map of where to stay in Lima, Peru. Highlighting the best neighborhoods to stay in - Miraflores, San Isidro, and Barranco

    Miraflores: Best All-Around Neighborhood

    Miraflores, Lima, Peru. Picture of sunsetting over the ocean. Cliff in front of picture and buildings on far right of picture.

    Miraflores is the top-recommended neighborhood for tourists looking to stay in Lima. This district offers a wide array of excellent hotels, hostels, and Airbnb options.

    Situated along the coast, accommodations in Miraflores either provide stunning beach views or are conveniently within walking distance of the beach. Moreover, this neighborhood offers easy access to various tourist attractions and activities.

    In addition to its accessibility, Miraflores boasts an abundance of fine restaurants, bars, and shops for visitors to enjoy.

    Safety is another significant advantage of staying in Miraflores, making it an even more appealing choice for tourists visiting Lima, Peru.

    Barranco: Best Place for Art Lovers

    Barranco, Lima, Peru. Island in background. Beach. Flowers and cacti in front. Ocean in distance.

    Adjacent to Miraflores, Barranco is another excellent choice to consider when staying in Lima, Peru. Unlike Miraflores, Barranco is less oriented towards tourism. It’s a neighborhood frequented by locals seeking exceptional cuisine, vibrant nightlife, art museums, and shopping opportunities. Another appealing aspect of Barranco is its proximity to the beach, providing an added advantage to this distinctive neighborhood.

    San Isidro: Best Place to Live Like a Local

    Ocean in San Isidro, Lima, Peru. Two palm trees in front of picture blowing in the wind. Ocean in background.

    San Isidro, a neighborhood in Lima, Peru, is primarily inhabited by locals and also houses numerous office buildings. This locale provides tourists with a chance to experience a more authentic, local atmosphere. It’s a residential area known for its charming parks, stores, and restaurants.

    However, one drawback of staying in this area is that visitors will need to rely on public transportation to reach Lima’s popular tourist destinations. Despite this, San Isidro is a remarkably safe neighborhood, and travelers may discover more budget-friendly accommodation options here. It’s worth noting that it lacks the tourism-oriented atmosphere of Barranco and Miraflores.

    The Historic Center: Visit but Don't Stay There

    The Historic Center in Lima, Peru. Buildings and someone crossing street.

    Some travel resources may suggest that the Historic Center is a suitable place to stay in Lima, Peru. However, this is not accurate. The Historic Center is quite distant from the neighborhoods where you’d likely want to spend most of your time, such as Miraflores, Barranco, and San Isidro. It’s more advisable to choose a different, more centrally located neighborhood for your accommodation and then embark on a day trip to the Historic Center to explore its attractions. While the Historic Center is interesting and certainly worth a visit, it may not be the best neighborhood for lodging.

    In addition to its distance from many of the attractions you’d like to see, it’s important to note that the Historic Center is considered less safe than the other boroughs in Lima, as it has a higher incidence of petty theft.

    How to Find Accomodation in Lima, Peru

    Picture of a yellow and orange house, trees, and a blue buggy car in Barranco, Lima, Peru

    To discover quality accommodation in Lima, Peru, you can rely on several helpful resources, including:

    • Booking.com: The best resource for finding/booking hotels & hostels in Lima, Peru.
    • Hostelworld.com: A great resource for finding hostels in Lima, Peru. I like to look at this site and compare it to the cost on Booking.com. 
    • AirBNB.com: A good way to find accommodation in Lima, Peru with a bit more space than a hotel or hostel. 

    Below, you’ll find a selection of the finest hotels and hostels to consider for your stay in Lima, Peru. To find the ideal Airbnb accommodation, visit the website directly and conduct a search based on your specific preferences. This allows you to quickly identify the best Airbnb options that match your requirements, while also providing access to user reviews directly on the site.

    The Best Hotels in Lima, Peru

    Hotel Address About Book
    JW Marriott Hotel Lima Malecon De La Reserva 615, Miraflores This is the most luxurious hotel that you can stay at in Lima, Peru. If you want white-glove service, this is your hotel. It's located on the beach and central to all tourist activities in Miraflores. Stay here for an easy, comfortable, and luxurious trip. Click here to book the JW Marriott Hotel on Booking.com
    AC Hotel by Marriott Malecón de la Reserva 729 Miraflores This hotel is on the high-end range of budgets in Lima. It's located on the beach in Miraflores. Safe, comfortable, ideal for families, couples, and business travelers. Offers strong wi-fi, gym, and an airport shuttle if needed. Click here to book the AC Hotel by Marriott on Booking.com
    Casa Republica Barranco Boutique Hotel Avenida Saenz Peña 208, Barranco This is an adorable and high-end hotel located in Barranco -- one of the most beautiful areas of Lima, Peru. The hotel is located near the beach and offers perks that no other hotel in Lima offers -- such as bike rentals. There's also a great in-house bar at the hotel. Click here to book Casa Republica on Booking.com
    Hotel B Jirón Sáenz Peña 204, Barranco Hotel B is one of the most authentic hotels that you can stay at in Lima, Peru. Located in Barranco - the place feels more like a large home than a hotel. They offer many perks, including a daily afternoon tea on the property restaurant. Click here to book Hotel B on Booking.com
    Country Club Lima Eucaliptos 590, San Isidro This is a great hotel to stay in if you're looking to stay in San Isidro. It's located near the business area of San Isidro -- where many of the buildings are, so it's ideal for business travelers. There's a golf course near the property and a great in-house restaurant. Click here to book Country Club Lima on Booking.com
    The Westin Lima Hotel Calle Las Begonias 450, San Isidro This hotel is located in the heart of San Isidro. It's ideal for business travelers and families. There's a hotel pool. The views from the hotel are excellent. Click here to book the Westin Lima on Booking.com

    The Best Hostels in Lima, Peru

    Hotel Address About Book
    Pariwana Hostel Lima Miraflores, Av. José Larco 189 This hostel offers accommodation in the heart of Miraflores—conveniently located near many attractions and within walking distance of the beach. It's known as the party hostel in Lima, and a lot of people—both tourists and locals -- go there to party. This is a good hostel for backpackers in Lima and solo travelers looking to network. Click here to book Pariwana Hostel on Booking.com
    Selina Lima Calle Alcanfores 465, Miraflores Selina Hostel in Miraflores, Lima is the best hostel for digital nomads and solo travelers in Lima, Peru. The hotel offers excellent and comfortable accommodations. Guests can work and network in an on-site coworking space and an in-house cafe. Click here to book Selina Lima on Booking.com
    The Point Hostels Lima Malecón Junin 300, Cercado de Lima , Barranco This hostel is located in the heart of Barranco. It's the best hostel for backpackers in Lima, Peru. There's always a great community of travelers here that guests can connect with. The hostel is within walking distance of some of Lima's best restaurants, bars, and shops. Click here to book The Point Hostels Lima on Hostelworld.com
    Barranco Backpackers Inn Malecon Castilla 260, Barranco You'll feel more like you're staying in a home than a hostel here. The accommodation is warm and comfortable and the staff is very helpful. There's a constant rotation of travelers here. It's a great spot for backpackers to connect. Click here to book Barranco Backpackers Inn on Hostelworld.com

    Enjoy Your Trip!

    Now that you have an understanding of where to stay in Lima, Peru, I hope you are able to book accommodation that will give you the best experience possible in the city. Miraflores, Barranco, and San Isidro are all great neighborhoods with great, safe, convenient, and comfortable accommodations to sift through. 

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